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Position for junior scientists (tenure track)

"Combinatorial Optimization for Computational Biology" position for a junior scientist. SaAB team.

The position is opened inside the "Computer Science and Applied Maths" department of INRA, the Franch National Institute for Agronomical Research. The position is targetted at computer scientists or applied mathematiciens with a strong expertize in combinatoiral optimization (ILP, constraint programming, SAT) and a good knowledge of complexity theory, graph theory with a PhD in computer science or related areas. No prior experience in bioinformatics or computational biology is, a priori, required. It is welcome however.

The research activity in our team combines:

  1. algorithm design and analysis (in OR, artificial intelligence) published in computer science, OR or applied maths journals and conferences. This usually requires some benchmarking and software development.
  2. adaptation, extention or direct use of recent or established optimisation techniques on generic problems defined in collaboration with molecular biologists or geneticists, leading to publication in bioinformatics, computational biology or molecualr biology journals.

In the area of combinatorial optimization, our team as a nice reserach track in constraint programming and more specifically weighted constraint networks.. It collaborates with local (Insitut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse), national (coordination or participation in ANR - french NSF - white selective funded programs), international (collaboration with european, american teams, editorial boards of journals such as Constraints or JAIR).

If you wonder what the everyday life of an INRA computer scientist looks like, you may have a look to the web pages of our computer science scientists (informaticien in French). or have a look to the assessment of the lab by the french agency for reserach evaluation (in french here). For more information, contact us !

Candidates should ideally be able to speak French or be ready to ultimately get fluent in French. For any further enquiry, please contact T. Schiex.

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